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Near the hotel you will find many bars, brasseries and restaurants.
you will eat a very good French, Oriental food …

If you stay at the hotel Les CHANSONNIERS don’t miss the visit of the Cemetery : Le Père Lachaise.
You will find tombs like those of Jim Morrison, Balzac, Chopin, Molière or Édith Piaf …
A pleasant walk in small winding paths and trees.
You will find near the hotel two small unknown Museums :
The Edith Piaf Museum and the the Smoker Museum.
You can walk in the big park of Belleville Hill which is in the neighborhood of the same name. It rises to 108 meters and it allows a panoramic view of the city of Paris.
In the evening, the 11th district of Paris comes alive.
Especially in the Rue Oberkampf, the Rue de la Folie Mericourt or Jean-Pierre Timbaud Street …

On Foot or by Metro, you can quickly reach the Marais District.
You will find for example : the Carnavalet Museum, the Victor Hugo House Museum (with the beautiful Place des Vosges) and the Museum of Magic.
You will like : Clothes, Thrift shops, decorating shops or fashion brands like The Kooples or COS, the BHV …